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Firmware update for the Bryton Rider S800

Bryton released a new Firmware Update R038.005.0006 for the Rider S800. In this update, Bryton fixed and improved several issues.

With the new R038 update, the following features were updated:

  • Improved lap/workout-related feature
  • Supported ANT+ light profile
  • Fixed the wrong destination issue when rerouting/retracing
  • Fixed Di2/ESS gear settings issue and display bugs in some data grids.
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Improved system stability

How do I update the Bryton Rider S800?

Firmware is a permanent software installed on your product so that each function operates correctly. With the Bryton Update Tool, you update any Bryton GPS Computer. Download the Update Tool for Mac and Windows from the Bryton Software Page. Watch Bryton's Firmware Update video for more information.

Bryton S800

The Rider S800 pushes the boundaries of what cyclists should expect from their GPS cycle computers. Designed with premium materials carefully selected to fully optimize every aspect of this device, the Rider S800 features a large 3.4” color touchscreen with an outdoor-tailored high-contrast display and unparalleled endurance with an exceptional 36hr battery life in addition to cutting-edge features, including Explore, Group Ride, Live Tracking, advanced navigation and workout features, as well as compatibility with indoor smart trainers, rear-view bike radar, cycling dynamics, and more! Cross the Threshold!