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Tehava becomes exclusive distributor of Pocket Pedals

GELEEN - As of today Tehava offers the innovative brand 'Pocket Pedals' in their assortment. Pocket Pedals makes it possible for the cyclist to make casual rides on a bicycle without wearing special cycling shoes. This makes it easier to take the bike to work, go shopping or just go for a ride with family and/or friends and still be casually dressed. In addition, they are easy to use and fit right into your pocket.

The Pocket Pedals were created by Karl Birgit Björnsson, who has a passion for cycling. He likes to go for a bike ride with his family, but when doing so, Karl quickly felt 'overdressed'. He wanted to be able to use his beautiful sports bike in casual clothing as well. This thinking led to the birth of Pocket Pedals.

According to Robert Vrancken, Managing Director of Tehava, the Pocket Pedals fit perfectly in the product range. "We are happy that we can distribute this beautiful and innovative product in the Benelux. Tehava is always looking for products that contribute to the development of cycling, so this product fits nicely in our assortment. The Pocket Pedals offer a new and more extensive cycling experience, which we love. In addition, we are progressive and innovative, another reason why such an innovative product fits well in our range."