If you pay your invoices by means of direct-debit authorization (SEPA), we will dispatch your order on the same working day on condition that the order was placed before 5:00 PM. A number of matters are important when arranging this direct-debit authorization. The step-by-step plan shown below describes all the necessary steps. 

1. Filling in the SEPA authorization

Fill in the SEPA authorization form
Fill in the details of the account holder clearly and in block capitals. 
The ‘Reference of authorization’ refers to your client number, starting with a K. You will have received this number from us in the welcome e-mail. 
If all the details are correct, you should sign the form. 

2. Registration with your bank
You should have the completed and signed form registered by your bank. This registration with your bank is very important. Without this registration, Tehava cannot collect payments via SEPA. You will receive proof of this registration from your bank. 

3. Sending authorization and registration
You should send the fully completed and signed SEPA authorization and the proof of registration from your bank to administration@tehava.com or to the correspondence address of Tehava: 

Tomeikerweg 31
6161 RB Geleen
The Netherlands

After receipt of the documents, your authorization will be processed and you can start to benefit from the advantages that the SEPA direct-debit system offers. 

If you have any further questions about this topic, contact the administration department or your bank.