Tehava aims to build a strong brand

Customers are central. The customer is always right. Our work is customer-focused. This is a lot of marketing-like terminology that is by no means unique. You won't find a company that is not customer-focused. For us, being customer-focused is a means to an end and not a goal in itself. Tehava's goal is to acquire and retain satisfied and loyal customers. Customers who happily stay with us - for a long time - and who regard us as a collaborative partner rather than a supplier. To achieve that, we have explicitly stated who we as Tehava actually are and what we stand for. In short: what our DNA or our brand is. We call that the Tehava brand compass. The brand compass is, as the name says, our compass against which we review all our activities, so that we know for sure that we are doing identifiable things that are relevant for our customers. The brand compass is also alive and well internally. Tehava employees seem to have it in their DNA. Customers notice and value this, because the consequences and the effects of that are felt and appreciated. Now we want to express and explain our brand compass more externally; because added value and ambition are certainly important at this particular time, and especially in the sport-loving bicycle branch. We would like to tell you more about this.

Tehava is working hard on reinforcing its brand. But a brand only becomes a brand when employees express it in their behaviour, feelings, and words. For this reason, at the start of 2010 the introductory program Brand Compass was instigated, which helps employees to understand, to feel, and to apply the Tehava brand in their day-to-day work. Tehava is doing that in collaboration with Business Openers - a consultancy, specialised in branding.

Ellen Leenhouts van Business Openers is proud to be working on the branding of Tehava. 'There are not many companies in the bicycle branch in the Netherlands that pay so much attention consistently to their brand. People frequently think about logos and house styles when they think of branding, but those are only derivatives of what you want to be. The process on the inside is much more important. Which choices has Tehava made and how can you contribute to that as a Tehava employee?

Brand Compass

The search for values that bind has ultimately resulted in five Tehava brand values:
Energetic, Expert, Challenging, Decisive and Efficient


Left: The Tehava brand compass with the promise and the conviction

Right: The Tehava brand values, underlying aspects, and scale endpoints. We want to be in the middle. To the left there is too little of what we want be, and to the right too much.

The Tehava promise is: GRIP on the sport of cycling. GRIP here also stands literally for GRIP but also for: Growth, Revenue, Innovative, Professional. And our firm belief is: details in service make the difference.

Robert Vrancken, Managing director: `The values, promise, and belief are all sources of inspiration. Together they form the brand compass. Employees use this compass to review their own behaviour, to see whether it is appropriate at Tehava. All activities and processes are assessed according to this remarkable scale. Even applicants are assessed this way to see whether someone fits into the Tehava culture, matches with the brand values, and to find out where a person's strengths lie. To make the assessment tangible we have indicated the brand values’ underlying values, the so-called aspects. We have assigned a five-point scale to the values with endpoints. Ideally the score lies around the midpoint, so between the endpoints.