Filling in the Returns Form

The returns form is the basis for dealing with your retuned goods. The more information you provide during the registration about the products you wish to return, the more efficiently we we will be able to deal with your issue. The returns registration form will help you with this. Several of the concepts used in the returns form are explained below.

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Contact information

Complete the three fields with details of the employee we can contact for additional information regarding your returned goods. This will ensure the information gets directly to the right person.

THV number

Use this field to enter the THV item number of the product you wish to return to us. You don't know the THV number of the item to be returned? This isn't a problem as it is easy to use the search function to find the required item.

Serial number

Many products are identified by a serial number, or in the case of bicycles and frames by a frame number. The serial number can be important to help us deal with your returned goods. The following images show several examples of serial numbers on items.

Frame number on Isaac frames
Serial number on SR Suntour forks
Serial number on Magura brakes Serial number on Reynolds wheels
Serial number on Bryton Rider. 
Serial number op Tacx motor brakes

Reason for return

Select the reason for returning your goods. Select one reason for each returned item.

Tehava invoice number

Was the returned item purchased from Tehava? Then use this field to specify the invoice number associated with this item.

Order date

Use this field to specify when you purchased this item.


Any other information related to the item you are returning will be very welcome.
For example: How would you like to see the issue with your returned items resolved? What problems do you have with your item that is currently under guarantee? You can use this field to enter the above information.


Have you already sold the item you are returning to a consumer? Then attach a copy of the retail invoice here.
Photos of the product that show the problem can be very valuable. You can also upload these photos here.

Shipping date

In certain cases we will collect the items you are returning. Our service department will notify you of this after they have assessed your returns forms. If applicable, we will arrange to collect the items you are returning from the specified address on the specified date.